Certified Staffing - 6 Assurance Traits

1. Candidate Certification

All resources proposed are screened and certified by an industry certified holders in that particular area. At Digitalembrace, we have full-time certified individuals for this specific purpose.

For example: A Project Manger will be interviewed/qualified by a PMP, a technology person will be qualified by an MCSE/P.Eng/Architect, a Business Consultant will be qualified by a MBA.

2. Accountable Referral Network

Resources are sourced and qualified by direct referrals. This is the only way to ensure these resources have the right attitude, skills and experience. At Digitalembrace, the majority of all our resources are either currently working with us, have worked with us, or are a referral from someone who has worked with us. Digitalembrace does more than just a reference check.

3. Exact Match Approach

Clients will not be bombarded with several candidates per position. If the proposing company provides more than 2 candidates per position, it either means they don’t fully understand the requirement(s), or not all candidates proposed are qualified, thus wasting the client’s (your) time. At Digitalembrace, we provide our top two candidates per position.

4. Solutions Oriented Staffing

A vendor must do more than just placement, they must bring forth a resource with a solution in mind, otherwise all you have is a candidate, and no solution to your problem. Digitalembrace utilizes solution-oriented methods and processes governed by industry leaders such as WWISA, PMI and IIBA. We provide a full range of consulting services, project-based solutions, hardware/software sales, and of course placement services.

5. Dedicated Team Approach

At Digitalembrace, you do not only have one person assigned to your account, we assign an entire team. This team is dedicated to your industry sector. All teams have a Client Principal, Project Director, a Technical Architect and multiple Technical Recruiters as a minimum.

6. Registered and Insured

Any vendor providing resources or services must be registered and insured in order to fully protect you, the customer. Digitalembrace is registered on a multiple Vendor of Records, including the OPS, GTAA, OLG and the City of Toronto, all with a $2M insurance policy.