Business Analytics Solutions

In the ever-increasing competitive marketplace of today, organizations can only succeed by proactively identifying market trends and opportunities and swiftly responding to new customer demands.

To meet these challenges, employees need to gain actionable insight into the business so they are able to make intelligent and informed decisions. Organizations want to ingrain this insight into everyday business activities so that all employees are actively engaged in the analysis of a complete and consistent version of enterprise data.

Organizations need to focus on solutions that can/have:

  • Publish Business Insights Throughout the Enterprise
  • - Flexibility to publish personalized reports and dashboards centrally or to directly integrate to enterprise applications.
  • Integrate All Enterprise Data Sources
  • - Look for solutions that provide data integration as well as data extraction features in order to maximize the breadth of business insight.
  • Flexible Reporting Features
  • - Extend reporting into familiar office automation tools such as Microsoft Office.
  • Robust Development Tools
  • - Simplify and increase developer productivity with robust tools and design wizards.
  • Performance and Scalability
  • - A comprehensive and scalable data warehouse platform that enables your organization to integrate data faster so you can scale and manage growing volumes of data and users.

Digitalembrace's Business Analytics Solution

Designing and building an enterprise data warehouse can be a major effort with a significant cost. Data warehouses are not built as displays of technical excellence; they are investments made by the enterprise intended to yield a high return.

Digitalembrace's underlying Business Analytics Solution is based on Microsoft's comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) platform. This platform provides a scalable data platform for data integration, data warehousing, analysis, and reporting. It includes powerful and intuitive tools that end users can use to access and analyze business information. At the core of the Microsoft BI end-to-offering is Microsoft SQL Server 2008, a complete data platform that enables you to unify storage and access for all data across the enterprise.

Digitalembrace's implementation framework will maximize your BI Return on Investment. Our business minded consultants will guide you through our process:

  • Step 1 - Build the architecture correctly from the start
  • Step 2 - Develop a Proof of Concept (based on rapid ROI)
  • Step 3 - Design the Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Platform
  • Step 4 - Develop and Publish Reporting and Dashboards
  • Step 5 - Monitor Penetration and Effectiveness