Enterprise Architecture Consulting

With today's constantly changing business environment, an enterprise needs to be structured and designed for this change. However, "You can't change what you can't see".

Imagine Business and IT having its own common language to describe the business and how the business is designed. - that's the value of Enterprise Architecture.

Digitalembrace's Enterprise Architecture Services

Enterprise Architecture provides a complete understanding of both business and IT architecture views for the purpose of increasing the value of IT and to support innovation with cost-effective solutions. The benefits include:

  • Sustained Value of existing assets by creating a global picture of your systems, processes and their interactions.
  • Increased Agility by measuring the impacts of business and IT change against a documented current state baseline.
  • Accelerated Project Performance by sharing and building on enterprise information using a consistent communications framework shared by all stakeholders.

Digitalembrace's Architecture Teams are multi-disciplined and utilize a systematic approach to create architecture artifacts. Our teams have helped public and private sector organizations with:

  • Artifact Development of Business, Information, Application, Security and Technology domain knowledge for projects and initiatives.
  • Architecture Checkpoints by reviewing for artifact standards compliance and gaining approval from architecture review boards.
  • Alignment & Impact Assessment of planned and current projects assessing alignment to gain a better perspective on reuse and duplication of effort.

Digitalembrace's Target Architecture Services

It's possible to transform your organization into an agile, business-aligned IT enterprise - with the right target and roadmap in place.

Instead of a piecemeal approach to transformation, Digitalembrace consultant teams work with stakeholders in the Business & IT to develop a comprehensive Target Architecture. The Target Architecture will include facets within the Business, Information, Application, Security, Technology and Infrastructure architecture domains.

Our consultant teams will work with you to develop and document your Target Architecture:

  • Business architecture describing the product/service strategy and the organizational, functional, process, information and geographic aspects of the business environment.
  • Information architecture defining the data entities relevant to the enterprise, their relationships and the data management process.
  • Application architecture describing each application, how they relate to the business functions and their applicability for reuse.
  • Technology architecture defining the technical standards, platforms, reference model and patterns that will used in the target IT environment.
  • Infrastructure architecture describes the optimized convergence of computing, storage, networks and facilities into a single shared-services environment.
  • Security architecture defining policy, standards and processes to implement the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the business.

Digitalembrace also helps to develop a Roadmap identifying a coordinated set of projects that delivers business results while transitioning the current legacy environment to Target Architecture.