Customer Relationship Management Solutions

We are now living in an information driven world, and today's organizations need to maximize the value of their customer relationships. They need enabling tools, technologies and processes in order to track and leverage every customer interaction to maximize opportunities and improve customer loyalty.

Digitalembrace's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that can be rapidly utilized with relatively limited costs. Aside from tracking customer interaction, CRM helps organizations optimize their operations by automating routine tasks and standardizing best practices.

At the core, our solutions start with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can be deployed as solutions for Sales, Marketing , Customer Service and Case Management.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an extensible operations platform that allows businesses to move beyond transactions and reports, while incorporating an understanding of all people in the business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform provides:

  • Grants & Funding Program Management
  • Licensing & Permits Management
  • Tax Incentive Program Management
  • Registry Management

Dynamics CRM as an Extended Relationship Management (xRM) Platform

xRM encompasses applications and business practices that go beyond traditional customer-centric CRM functionality. xRM is a strategic approach to understanding what a business thrives on, what information needs to be tracked, by whom, and how it needs to be displayed and leveraged to facilitate better decisions. Microsoft Dynamic CRM goes beyond traditional sales, marketing and customer service functionality by offering:

  • Flexible Data Model - Create new data entities, associate business logic and design user interface forms.
  • Workflow and Eventing - Define business flows and pipelines.
  • User Accounts & Queues - Assign ownership of entities to unique users or a processing queue.
  • Scheduling & Task Management - Assign tasks based on skills, availability or other criteria.
  • Office Automation/Email Integration - Work within existing Microsoft Office tools.
  • Dashboard & Reporting - Design reports and dashboards for yourself or for the entire organization.

Solutions for Grants & Funding Program Management

Our eFunding accelerator helps organizations manage both Merit-based and Entitlement-based grants management. Our solution has a secure web-portal public interface, with a highly customized back-end solution. This solution is currently in production on the Ontario government’s infrastructure, with over 20 funding programs currently being managed. The solution complies with all Ontario government standards for security, AODA, and architecture requirements. The solution includes:

  • Program Management
  • Application In-take Management
  • Technical Assessments & Peer Reviews
  • Contract Management
  • Claims & Payment Processing
  • Administration & Audit Features

Solutions for Licencing & Permits Management

Our eFunding accelerator also includes modules for managing Licensing and Permits. Being built on the existing code base enables economies of scale, with very quick on-boarding efforts. Our solution helps organizations manage the application, qualification, issuance, and control & sanctions of licenses/permits, with full audit, history, and dynamic monitoring features.

  • Program Management
  • Application In-take Management
  • Qualification Assessment
  • Control & Sanctions
  • Fees & Payments
  • Administration & Audit Features

Solutions for Sales

Streamline and automate your sales processes and enable sales people to create a single view of the customer to ensure a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives sales professionals the tools to work efficiently.

  • Streamlining the Flow of Work - Manage customer interactions from a single business application.
  • Knowledge is Power - Create a centralized, customizable view of your customer's preferences, relationships and activity history.
  • Make Tools Easy to Learn and Use - Use simple, wizard-driven sales and marketing features to keep your sales prospects and customers informed.

Solutions for Marketing

Transform every touch-point into a marketing opportunity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a holistic, comprehensive set of marketing capabilities.

  • Develop Lists More Effectively - Create dynamic lists based on user-specified criteria, import contact lists and automatically remove duplicate records.
  • Execute Smarter Campaigns - Quickly launch campaigns with defined activities and automatic lead handling.
  • Marketing Mix - Use reporting and dashboards to evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts.

Solutions for Customer Service

Deliver customer information, case management, service history, and support knowledge directly to the desktops of agents, customer service representatives (CSRs) and supervisors:

  • Manage Every Aspect of Customer Service (Cases, Service Levels, Scheduling, Resources)
  • Automate Service Processes
  • Communicate in Real Time (with Office Communications Server 2007)