Certified Staffing

"Availability is not a skill." but too often staffing agencies pride themselves only on their ability to react. Digitalembrace's Certified Staffing Process (CSP) finds the right person for the right role accurately and efficiently. We mentor this individual so they will continuously exceed expectations and achieve excellence.

Digitalembrace stems from strong consulting practice roots where we build teams to deliver high-value projects for our clients. We have worked "on the ground" with tight deadlines and tough requirements. We have a track-record for delivering leading-edge projects.

With these roots, we have become experts at finding the right people. We know what it takes to succeed, and we can see it in others. The phrase "it takes one to know one" has never held more truth. If you have never had to deliver IT projects, how do you know what it takes?

We have developed the CSP to incorporate all the lessons we've learned from the consulting side and formalized it into a comprehensive IT recruiting process.

The CSP includes these 6 Assurance Traits to guarantee the right candidate for your organization:

  • Candidate Certification - Industry certified professionals screen all our resources. "Experts hiring experts."
  • Accountable Referral Network - The majority of our resources are through referrals. "High performers recommending high performers."
  • Exact Match Approach - We only provide our best resource, so we don't waste your time.
  • Solutions Oriented Staffing - We don't just place people, we look at how our consultant fits into your team and organizational culture.
  • Dedicated Team Approach - We assign a team to your account, not just an individual.
  • Registered and Insured - Any vendor providing resources or services must be registered and insured in order to fully protect you, the customer. Digitalembrace is registered on a number of Vendor of Records, including the Ontario Government, Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Ontario Lottery & Gaming and the City of Toronto, all with a $2M insurance policy.