Data Centre Assessment

How prepared is your data centre's network and computing infrastructure to meet your organization future growth? Are your Service Level Agreements working for you or against you? What types of disasters have you planned for? What processes do you have in place to maintain a responsive data centre? These are all tough questions that need to be asked, but more importantly, they need to be answered.

Conducting a periodic review of your Data Centre infrastructure and processes is an essential and business-critical mechanism to ensure your infrastructure can sustain anything business operations has to throw at it.

Digitalembrace specializes in helping businesses meet their responsibilities to their clients, their shareholders, themselves, and their employees. Even if a business has an existing plan, a business must perform its due-diligence by constantly reviewing and evaluating its effectiveness in case of unprecedented disaster. An outside team of professionals can add great value and assurance in this area.

Our Approach

Digitalembrace's Data Centre Assessment is a comprehensive review of the critical areas of your data centre operations, networks, environmental and infrastructure platforms, and their ability to sustain business scenarios..

This approach is accomplished in 4 standard stages:

  • Stage 1 - Discovery & Information Gathering
  • Stage 2 - Infrastructure & Processes Analysis
  • Stage 3 - Report Compilation - Findings & Recommendations
  • Stage 4 - Presentation of Deliverables

This approach will require approximately 5-6 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your organization.

As part of the process, Digitalembrace will compile an inventory of Critical Systems, Secondary Systems, and Peripheral Systems, all of which can mean significant business loss in the event of a disaster.

Focus Areas

Our Assessment focuses on areas that can directly or indirectly affect your business. These areas include:

  • Personnel and Support Issues
  • Server and Storage Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Environmental Components
  • Physical & Network Security

Your Deliverables

As a result of this assessment, you will be provided a written report containing the following:

  • An Inventory of Data Centre Components
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Physical & Environmental Analysis
  • Current State of Risks
  • Recommendations and Action Plan

The results will be a part of your continuous Service Improvement Program efforts, and can be used to justify planning and budgeting for future initiatives.

With a Data Centre Assessment from Digitalembrace, you will be provided with an assurance that you have completed your due diligence in empowering your business.