IT Management Consulting

The flow of information has changed the way we live in today's world. A lack of IT agility can stop growth, but so can a business that fails to see IT as a strategic partner

To stay competitive and innovative, businesses must partner with IT, and IT must stay in step with where the business is headed.

With that goal in mind, the role of IT Management is to enable and direct IT assets as enablers to meet business objectives and goals. Ultimately, IT Management is about leadership and a relationship of trust between business and IT executives.

Digitalembrace's IT Management Services

  • Business and IT Alignment - We use enterprise architecture artifacts and techniques to assess and facilitate business & IT alignment.
  • IT Governance - Create a governance process for standardization, certification and management through policy, audits, approvals and notifications.
  • IT Financial Management - Implement processes and systems to maximize return on investment and support talk about technology priorities.
  • IT Service Management - Implement ITIL best practices to improve delivery of IT services and customer satisfaction.
  • IT Sourcing - Leverage external talent and economies of scale to bring innovation and transformation into the business.