Infrastructure Consulting

Your IT infrastructure must be continuously adapting in order to support new applications and capabilities required to meet the ever-evolving nature of your business. As systems become more sophisticated, management costs and security risks can increase and affect your ability to maintain service levels.

Digitalembrace's Infrastructure Services

Starting with Digitalembrace's Data Centre, Security and Disaster Recovery Assessments, we will work with our clients to identify opportunities to improve Data Center efficiency, utilization and cost savings across the core infrastructure.

Digitalembrace's Infrastructure team take a holistic approach - factoring in technology, standards, processes, policies and procedures to maximize the value of your infrastructure investment.

  • Data Centre Migration ensures your transition to your future data centre is managed to a successful completion.
  • Server Virtualization enables you to consolidate physical servers to optimize space utilization, maintenance costs and server deployment.
  • Green IT Energy Efficiency goes beyond saving the environment but reduces the cost of powering and cooling data centre facilities.
  • Outsourcing/Shared Services enables a well-defined set of IT processing functions to be positioned as a corporate asset enabling business units across the enterprise to reap the benefits of a cost effective, customer service oriented IT service provider.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning allows for your business to effectively and efficiently react to unanticipated disaster through comprehensive assessment of critical areas.
  • Network Design encompasses design, network synthesis and realization to ensure that your business is able to meet all its needs.
  • Storage & Backup ensures that all business data can be recovered and restored in the event that it is lost.