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Second Grants Management Project in Alberta

June 23, 2015

​Digitalembrace is increasing their footprint in the province of Alberta by implementing their second Grants Management solution by the end of the fiscal year. This implementation will include two major parts: the Grants Management solution and an enhanced Case Management solution. 

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.​​

Volunteer Management & Event Management Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

June 10, 2015

​Last month, Digitalembrace put into production, two new modules for the NFP market. The two modules are the Volunteer Management module and the Events Management module. In addition, a Facilities Management solution was created and implemented. Facilities Management will work as a significant sub-module for the upcoming Membership Management solution. 

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.​​

Membership Management Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

May 25, 2015

​As of May 2015, Digitalembrace has embarked on creating a full-service Membership Management module to support sports oriented organizations in managing their members. This complex module will include features such as Access Card Reader, Photo Card creation and payment processing. 

This module is​ anticipated to be released in the third quarter of 2015. Digitalembrace's strategic vision is to position this membership module, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as a viable alternative to the current install base using active networks class solution.  ​​

"It is truly exciting to see how comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics CRM is.  Membership management encompasses many different areas of business, from creating and maintaining Contact and Account information, to processing payments for fitness club memberships, to scheduling personal training sessions and viewing availability of trainers and courses.  Doing this (and much more) in real-time speaks to the efficiency of Dynamics CRM and I am thrilled to be part of such an important module release." -Rooya Khan, CRM Specialist

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.​​​​

CRM Dynamics 2015

April 22, 2015

Digitalembrace is excited to announce that they will be upgrading the DE-X solutions platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM2015.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 comes with progressive new features that will further advance the flexibility and feature set of our DE-X solutions, specifically for our solutions in Grants Management, Registry Management, and Licensing. The new features include access to effective marketing tools that allow the tracking of Social Media connections, enabling greater command over Marketing and Sales campaigns.

"We find that as CRM evolves, the UI is becoming more and more user friendly, which naturally translates to a huge increase in user adoption. This undoubtedly is a huge benefit to our clients" -Henry Fong, Managing Partner

In the next few months, Digitalembrace will be applying these evolutions to increase productivity and accessibility within our DE-X solutions. The "out-of-the-box" advancements will immediately add value to our existing clients, with little or no modifications to our existing products.

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.​​

Grants Management in Alberta

January 08, 2015

​The Digitalembrace DE-X Accelerator will be travelling to Alberta, Canada, making it the first implementation outside of Ontario.  To date, only Ontario government ministries and agencies have realized the power and flexibility of this accelerator, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.

The implementation will include 6 grant programs under 1 umbrella.  The robustness of the DE-X accelerator allows for any number of programs to be housed under the same instance, making this a very cost-effective and efficient means for organizations that manage multiple grants and funding programs.

"It's wonderful to be able to go into other provinces and share the learnings we've had in Ontario.  Alberta is beautiful…I just hope we get to see it in the summer as well!" – Heena Kaushal, CRM Specialist.

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.​

Fundraising and Donation Management Solution for NFPs

October 20, 2014

​Digitalembrace embarked on a new product suite today as it continues to work with Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations.  New solutions, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, will be created for Fundraising & Donation Management, Membership Management, Event Management, and Volunteer Management.

This new suite of solutions is currently being developed, with each functional module being rolled out in the next 3-12 months.  These solutions, though slightly different from the current Digitalembrace offerings of Grants and Registry Management, will be built by leveraging the current DE-X accelerator code-base and feature set.

"As we enter 2015, we will truly shift our company's focus from a Services-based company to a Solutions-based company.  Once the NFP solutions are complete, we will have almost 10 packaged solutions to offer our clients.  This is going to be an exciting time!" – Henry Fong, Managing Partner.

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.​​

DE-X Accelerator for Grants Management and other Solutions

May 05, 2014

Digitalembrace launched the DE-X Accelerator today, based on their current grants management solution on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.  This move solidifies their vision in creating flexible solutions based on the same platform. 

"This is a crucial move in the company's history as we embark on providing more than just services to our clients.  We are now providing flexible solutions as a comprehensive package", says Enoch Cheung, chief architect of the DE-X Accelerator.

Over the next 6-12 months, Digitalembrace will be repackaging their current solutions into the DE-X Accelerator, thus offering clients an entire suite of solutions on 1 architecture.  In addition to Grants Management, other solutions include Registry Management, Permit & License Management, Trust Management, and Tax Incentives.

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.

Creating Linkages between Employers and Registry Job Seekers

February 15, 2013

​Our Registry solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, has been expanded to include an “Employer Linkage” component with those seeking employment. This new feature will enable job seekers in the Registry to select the criteria of their job search, while enabling employers to specify the criteria for their talent search. This web-based solution matches employers with those seeking employment based on the selected criteria, ensuring a valid linkage is created.

“A job board is a passive tool, but what we’ve built here is a fully interactive, even proactive, tool that truly “links” employers with job seekers in real-time.” says Enoch Cheung, lead architect. “It gives control to the job seeker by letting them select their perfect job criteria, while helping employers only view those candidates that are a qualified match.” 

Job criteria that are selectable include location, language, working hours, expert skills, and certifications. This feature is an add-on to the current Registry solution, thus all job seekers have been pre-qualified based on the Registry’s qualification criteria, such as education and/or qualified job experience.

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.​​

Financial Management & Trust Accounting Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

January 18, 2013

The next evolution of the Digitalembrace eFunding code-base has spawned a Financial Management solution geared towards Trust Accounting. This solution will leverage all the features of our Grants &Funding accelerator, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, while adding new features specific to Trust Accounting and Financial Management.

“We are very excited to add this new component to our code-base. As more complementary business solutions are built, the more our code-base becomes an enterprise-level ERP for our mid-sized customers, but without the enterprise-level costs”, says Henry Fong, Senior Managing Partner.

This new module will help clients reconcile deposits and payments by aligning transaction information with their financial institutions. An application and approval feature will ensure authorized access to debit requests and other statement activities.

This module will be an available add-on to our larger code base, which includes modules for Grants & Funding, Licences & Permits, Tax Incentives, and Registries.

 For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.

Licenses & Permits Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

September 14, 2012

Digitalembrace has designed a Licenses & Permit solution based on their existing Grants & Funding accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This new solution manages the application, assessment, and issuance of permits for service providers, through a secure portal (SharePoint), managed by a customized Dynamics CRM back-end. Compliance and Sanctions features exist to ensure license holders are continuously qualified, in order to hold a valid license number.

As part of a larger program, the functional aspects of license issuance and management, along with Tax Incentive qualification management will be integrated with Grants Management.

These new solutions further extend our existing Grants Accelerator (eFunding) and on-line Registry solutions, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and InfoPath.

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.

Tax Incentive Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

September 07, 2012

Richmond Hill, September 7, 2012

Digitalembrace has added a Tax Incentives module to their existing Grants &Funding accelerator, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This new module manages the application, assessment, and award of Tax Incentive qualification.​

This new module further extends our existing Grants Accelerator (eFunding), Licenses & Permits, and on-line Registry solutions, all based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.​​

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.

Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Advisor

June 29, 2012

Digitalembrace has been awarded the status of Microsoft CRM Software Advisor (CSA). This partner level enables Digitalembrace to further tap into Microsoft resources as we further build upon our Grants and Funding solution, based on Dynamics CRM 2011.

Digitalembrace has been building on-premise CRM solutions since version 1.0. Now with the latest version (2011), Digitalembrace has certified our technical specialists on version 2011 to qualify for this unique Partner status. Certifications include Dynamics CRM 2011 Business Applications, Customization & Configuration, and Managing Dynamics Projects using SureStep methodology.

For more information on this and other solutions, please contact Henry Fong, Managing Partner, at 905-695-1313.

PSW Registry Launched, Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

June 13, 2012

On June 13th, 2012, the Personal Support Worker Registry was launched!  Digitalembrace created the technical solution by extending the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform, while integrating Microsoft SharePoint and InfoPath for Content Management and Forms Management respectively.

This system is a crucial step forward for both PSWs and Ontarians, because it forms the centralized registry structure to create linkages between service providers and service consumers.

The PSW Registry ( is an on-line registry utilizing a publicly accessible AODA-complaint web portal for easy and secure access, based on Microsoft SharePoint.  A registered PSW is granted a unique Registry Number, qualified by their educational and work experience.   Digitalembrace extended the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform to support all back-office processes, with integration to SharePoint.

“We are extremely happy that we were able to build a secure and effective system to help our fellow Ontarians create linkages with qualified Personal Support Workers.  This system is just the beginning in creating more linkages that support this crucial part of our healthcare system!” – Henry Fong, Project Lead and Partner, Digitalembrace. 

Hon. Deb Matthews' Ministerial Statement can be found here ( ) celebrating the launch of the Personal Support Worker Registry on June 13, 2012.  Personal Support Workers are a vital part of our health care system and make a difference in the lives of Ontario patients.​

Christmas Time at Digitalembrace

January 11, 2012

​Digitalembrace found some unique ways to celebrate the holidays and spread the joy of Christmas!

After years of sending hand-made Christmas cards to clients, friends and family, we decided to create our very own Christmas card, but in a fun and memorable way.  A photo shoot was set up (with Landed Entertainments), featuring members of the OPS team while jumping in the air, wearing Digitalembrace’s colors (Green & Black).  Not only did this create a unique Christmas card that reflected the joy of the season, it also resulted in a rather “funny” video, which can be found on the Digitalembrace’s website.

Another unique way in which Digitalembrace brought cheer to others was through home baked goods.  Members of Digitalembrace baked 7 different types of cookies and hand-delivered them to our consultants and their managers, wishing them a very Merry Christmas! The reactions were one of surprise, joy, and “caloric” fulfilment! 

Digitalembrace fosters an enjoyable and fulfilling workplace, especially during the holidays. New Ideas have already emerged for next year, stay tuned!

New Team Members at Digitalembrace

October 23, 2011

​Digitalembrace is growing and expanding!
Two new members have recently joined the company:  Thomas Rigatti, as client manager, has joined the certified staffing division; and Anna Krupnova, as Business Analyst, joining the Consulting Services division of Digitalembrace.  Both individuals come with a strong background in their respective areas, and will surely help Digitalembrace continue their dynamic growth.

About Digitalembrace:
Digitalembrace offers certified staffing and consulting services in the IT arena.  Digitalembrace is located in Richmond Hill and has been in business for 13 years. Our company’s objective is to provide business with the best IT Specialists to reach their goals, with IT as the enabler.

Digitalembrace is constantly expanding with talented individuals such as Thomas and Anna, in both the Certified Staffing and Consulting divisions.  This will enable us to continuously push the envelope in meeting the unique needs of our clients. 

Digitalembrace at Showcase Ontario 2011

September 20, 2011

​Digitalembrace once again took part in Showcase Ontario, Canada’s largest Public Sector Learning Conference, which high-lights the technological achievements of the provincial government and their vendor partners.  As a trusted partner of the Ontario Government for over 12 years, Digitalembrace’s exhibit highlighted the many successful IT projects in both the public and private sectors. 

“Showcase Ontario provided three days of networking, learning, and knowledge sharing for Digitalembrace.  It was exciting to meet over 900 individuals at our booth, catching up with old friends, colleagues, and clients.”  Said Henry Fong, senior managing partner.  “It was our first year speaking at a workshop, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We’ll definitely do this again”. 

Digitalembrace’s workshop introduced their newest product in the Grants & Funding Management space, which is already in production in the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).  It is a system based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, along with Microsoft Sharepoint and InfoPath. Mr. Enoch Cheung (Partner) presented the technical solution, while Henry Fong (Partner) provided insights into Project Management best-practices, specific to the Ministry environments (.NET SDE, JTS).  “This new product space will springboard our consulting services division into related areas such as Loans, Compliance, Training & Certification, and Order management systems” said Enoch Cheung.  “We’re very excited!”.

Digitalembrace considers Showcase 2011 to be a great success. “We had an amazing time at showcase 2011, we enjoyed connecting with existing clients, and we appreciate the opportunity to meet new ones.  Please come visit us at Showcase 2012!” Henry Fong (partner).    

The Move to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

June 10, 2011

​Digitalembrace has updated their internal systems by moving to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 from the previous version 4.0.  Since version 1.0, Digitalembrace has been using Dynamics CRM to manage their maintenance contracts, sales, and internal recruiting functions.

“We are always striving to be ahead of the curve, so what better way than to implement all the same technologies in-house that we will eventually build for our clients” said Enoch Cheung, Lead Architect and Partner.

Dynamics CRM 2011 brings a host of new functions and productivity tools in the areas of Sales, marketing, and customer service. Some notable new features are: point-and-click configurability, more effective user interface, real-time dashboards, and integration with SharePoint.  
Digitalembrace retains multiple development environments in both CRM 4.0 and 2011, as we continue to support our clients in these environments.

Digitalembrace Launches New Website!

June 10, 2010

Digitalembrace has entirely revamped their website to coincide with our next 10 years of business. The new “look and feel” simplifies navigation for visitors, yet provides more pertinent information at your finger tips.

Based on our Sharepoint expertise, the entire site is managed as via a Content Management System based on Microsoft Sharepoint. This will enable seamless and timely updates to ensure all information is current, while also letting different departments publish their own sections on the fly.

The site features new graphics, new Project-based Solutions, new services, and new features for job seekers, while retaining the feel of the old tried-and-true dependability you have come to know over the past 10 years.

Digitalembrace Builds Health HR Data Repository

May 31, 2010

Digitalembrace delivered a Sharepoint-based project to build a secure data repository to collect, validate, store, and analyze Health Human Resources data for the Ontario Community Support Association. This project commenced in late summer 2009 and now houses HR information on over 7,000 employees and 32,000 volunteers, in 200 organizations, spanning all 14 LHINs in Ontario. Data elements include: Salaries, Ages, Gender, Benefits, Vacation, and Services, and how they interrelate to one another.

The information is invaluable because there is no other repository that houses this type of information from so many different organizations. Digitalembrace has leveraged their technical expertise in the .Net space to ensure this data was collected and stored in a secure manner for data integrity, and built a flexible reporting engine to extract out pertinent information for the proper analysis.

Currently Digitalembrace is finalizing its analysis and working with the experts at OCSA to properly interpret the data. The final report will be released by OCSA in the near future, and will enable the Community Support sector to properly plan their future HR strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployed.

April 27, 2010

Digitalembrace proudly announces another successful deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

An Ontario government agency required a flexible and extensible solution to track and manage stakeholder relationships, events and email mailing lists.

Our CRM consultants were able to gather requirements and use Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization tools to extend the CRM solution with additional data elements and functionality in just over a month.

Digitalembrace begins a multi-site Microsoft SharePoint migration project.

March 25, 2010

Digitalembrace begins another Content Management Solution project to migrate 2 public websites to the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) platform.

This project is a return engagement to the Ontario government after several implementations of SharePoint web sites.

Digitalembrace joins Facebook and Twitter.

January 04, 2010

Digitalembrace has joined the world of Facebook and Twitter. With our steady growth and ever changing business landscape, these two communication channels will help us share our progress in real time. Digitalembrace joined these social websites so people can easily keep up to date with our company’s growth, opportunities, and new ventures. Facebook will be used to communicate corporate events and news, supported by pictures and dialog. Twitter will be used to post brief descriptions of Job opportunities to augment our traditional channels, giving job seekers instant notification of new opportunities.

Throughout 2010, we will be expanding our brand recognition as a premier IT service provider specializing in both Project-based delivery and Staffing services. We invite job seekers, clients, and partners to check out our newly launched website. Please come and follow us on Twitter or send us a friend request on Facebook.

To follow us on Twitter: Click Here
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Digitalembrace’s 2009 Golf Tournament

September 28, 2009

​Digitalembrace, in partnership with UrbanPromise, held their annual Golf Tournament at Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club. The Golf Tournament is a tradition at Digitalembrace since 2001. Employees, clients, friends and supporters of the cause participated in the Golf Tournament.

Digitalembrace is one of the corporate sponsors for UrbanPromise, the objective of the tournament was to raise money for UrbanPromise and encourage new and existing supporters to continue their involvement in helping “at risk” children in Toronto.
UrbanPromise, over the past 14 years, has been dedicated to helping children by giving them joy, hope and love through after school and summer camp programs. The program is based on the belief that children and young adults have the potential to achieve success, and with support, they can reach their full God-given potential.

Currently they have four locations, impacting the lives of over 300 children everyday!
For more information about UrbanPromise Toronto:

Digitalembrace at Showcase Ontario 2009

September 22, 2009

Digitalembrace was an exhibitor at the 2009 Showcase Ontario trade show, which high-lights the technological achievements of the provincial government and their vendor partners. As a trusted partner of the Ontario Government for over 10 years, Digitalembrace’s exhibit highlighted our many successful IT projects in both the public and private sectors.

During the 2 days, we had over 900 participants attend our booth. Our “Prize Wheel” provided a chance for all visitors to walk away with one or more of the 1300 “thank you items” given out. The laptop bags and “Green” treats were crowd favourites! There were also 17 separate draws for memory sticks. Showcase 2009 also gave a kick-start to our new branding strategy associated with Youthful Forward-Thinking, Innovative Approaches, and Dependable Technologies. This strategy was supported by our new “Go-Get-Green” motto and our Black&Green coloured uniforms.

Some of the projects highlighted at the show include our OPS Website Conversions (MTO, MOH) our Sharepoint migrations and implementations (MCS, OCSA), and our Google-maps Sharepoint system TRIP (MTO). Digitalembrace thoroughly enjoyed the time we had with our existing clients, and meeting new ones. Please come visit us at Showcase 2010 in September!

Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Beyond Stakeholder Management

December 30, 1899

​Digitalembrace now offers a suite of business-centric accelerators that extend the feature-rich capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, beyond basic stakeholder management.

Since 2010, Digitalembrace has been focusing on creating business solutions that leverage the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The original solution was based on a Funding accelerator, created to help government organizations manage their grants & funding programs.

This Grants system (eFUNDING) was the first merit-based grants system implemented in the Ontario government that provided a secure pubic portal for Claims Management. Up until then, only entitlement-based systems were available…those that provide money initially, but no longer required continuous claims throughout the lifecycle to release funds. This solution was built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with integration to SharePoint.

Since then, Digitalembrace has built a Registry solution, a Permit solution, and a Tax Incentive solution. The Grants & Funding solution is now being further extended to support Loans.

Digitalembrace has created a framework to provide our clients with a multitude of business solutions, beyond the basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. In leveraging this suite of accelerators, our clients will benefit from architecture standardization, reduced on-boarding timelines, and code base re-use.