Collaboration Portal Solutions

Companies that foster a collaborative environment cultivate it from the top to the bottom, gaining it an individual and organizational competitive advantage. Collaboration through technology is a key enabler that can empower individuals and organizations to realize a shared vision.

Why Social Networking?

Social networking is more than just a marketing buzz about Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. It is about a relational model that defines how we interact. It is only recently that we have applied technology to allow our community to grow organically.

Digitalembrace's Collaboration Portal Solution

Digitalembrace believes Social Networking is relevant to your business today and will only grow more important in the future. Used effectively, Social Networking tools and techniques help in:

  • Finding Unexpected Collaborators
  • Finding Talent within the Ranks
  • Viral Marketing on the Cheap
  • Building a Global Business

Our solution is based on Microsoft Office collaboration platform:

  • Microsoft Office - Enables your team with the most comprehensive set of tools to collect and consolidate any type of information, find what they are looking for and easily share critical information with others regardless of geographic or organization boundaries.
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - Provides comprehensive content management, enterprise search, business process automation, and information sharing features beyond the boundaries of the organization.
  • Microsoft Communicator - Enable communication options such as instant messaging (IM), voice, video and desktop sharing. Enjoy tight integration with the Microsoft Office System.