Over the many years of consulting, we've developed CRM (Grants, Licenses & Permits, Registry), Content Management, Collaboration Portals and Business Analytics solutions that can be customized for your unique business.

You can jump start your projects with one of our solutions.

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With our Consulting roots, we've become experts at finding the right people. Since we know what it takes to succeed, we can see it in others.

The phrase "it takes one to know one" is so true.

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We have the deep experience and best practices required to help you transform your business through information and information technology.

Let our team of experts guide you through your technology solutions, to align them with your core business initiatives.

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  • Digitalembrace is celebrating 20 years of serving the Ontario Public Sector! Our beginnings started with the design, development and deployment of the Ontario Government's first end-to-end consumer transaction (Driver's License Check).

  • Twelve years later, Digitalembrace offers a breadth of services including Certified Staffing, Project-based Consulting and Solutions for our clients. We’re a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, with a multitude of certifications and numerous solutions to offer our clients, including solutions for Grant & Funding Programs, Licensing & Permits, Registries, and Tax Incentive Programs. We have a reputation of providing innovative and award winning solutions and services for our Public Sector clients.

  • If you are a Job Seeker, you'll find some helpful resume and job hunting tips and be sure to Register with us to get up to the minute updates of new job opportunity postings. You can also follow us on Facebook Facebook Logo and Twitter Twitter Logo.

30 Wertheim Crt Unit 13
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 1B9 Canada (map)


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Second Grants Management Project in Alberta

June 23, 2015

Digitalembrace is implementing their second Grants Management solution in Alberta​.

Volunteer Management & Event Management Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

June 10, 2015

Digitalembrace put into production, two new modules for the NFP market. The two modules are the Volunteer Management module and the Events Management module.

Membership Management Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

May 25, 2015

Digitalembrace has embarked on creating a full-service Membership Management module to support sports oriented organizations in managing their members. 

CRM Dynamics 2015

April 22, 2015

Digitalembrace is excited to announce that they will be upgrading the DE-X solutions platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM2015.  The new features include access to effective marketing tools that allow the tracking of Social Media connectionsDigitalembrace will be applying these evolutions to increase productivity and accessibility within our DE-X solutions. 

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