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Case Management - A 365 Solution

Providing effective customer service is one of the many pillars of operating a successful organization. By maintaining a continuous feedback loop with your customers, you can ensure that product or service-related issues are corrected efficiently. The simplest way to maintain this feedback loop is through the use of Case Management Software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect example of Case Management Software, and it is widely used for various tasks.

By utilizing Dynamics 365, your organization enables customer-centric, incident-based solutions. This allows you to streamline your current workflow with customer-related issues. In the Dynamics 365 dashboards, cases are fully tracked and monitored throughout their entire life cycle, including all related communications. Whether you require a portal for case intake, complex case routing rules, or just want to view caseloads in real-time, Dynamics 365 can be configured to suit your business needs.

Case Management can be a confusing term, let’s break down the process through a brief example:

Mary is a Customer Service Representative at XYZ. XYZ is a government organization that develops solutions for citizens to pay their parking tickets online. Mary receives a phone call from Darren, who is attempting to use the XYZ platform. Unfortunately, Darren is having trouble paying his ticket using a new credit card, as it repeatedly gives him an error message.

Upon reviewing the situation, Mary creates a case for Darren in the Dynamics 365 application and she makes relevant notes for the issue at hand. Then, Mary sorts through knowledge articles housed in the platform and finds three documents to assist customers with credit card payments. Unsuccessful at her attempts to solve the issue, Mary realizes that she must forward the case on to someone who can provide a more technical fix for Darren.

Mary escalates the issue and categorizes the case file. In doing so, the ticket is marked as high priority because Darren's parking ticket would otherwise expire, requiring him to pay a late fee. The Dynamics 365 application allows Mary to leave detailed notes in a case log. This ensures that whoever takes on the case to fix the issue is aware of all details prior to working on the solution.

On the technical team, Justin sees a new case arrive in his dashboard. With all information present, Justin is able to review the issue and ask Mary any questions before he begins working on the solution. Justin realizes that this is an issue another customer also had in the week prior, so he is already familiar with the solution. After realizing that this issue is becoming common with new credit cards, Justin writes up a knowledge article and places the solution into the Dynamics 365 platform. In doing so, a Customer Service Representative like Mary is able to help customers without having to escalate the issue. Upon providing his solution, Justin inputs all updated notes into the file and passes the case back to Mary, who can now follow-up with Darren. Upon Mary’s follow-up with the customer, the case can then be resolved and closed.

At XYZ, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Hence, the company has appointed a Quality Assurance team that is dedicated to ensuring cases like Darren's, are handled effectively and efficiently. Tristan, a Quality Assurance Representative, can view all notes and progress with Darren's case. In his position, Tristan monitors cases through the Dynamics 365 dashboard and ensures that they satisfy the company’s internal performance metrics. By reviewing all data associated with the case, Tristan is able to provide recommendations to help the agents meet future commitments. Moreover, Tristan has the ability to verify new knowledge articles and ensure that they are accurate.

In many ways Case Management Software is essential to the growth and success of any business. Contact us to learn how you can implement our Dynamics 365 Solutions in your organization.

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